Medical Services

Wellness Care

Every pet has unique physical needs. The staff at Village Vet can help you to understand and provide for those needs, right from the start. Wellness visits also allow the veterinary staff to observe your pet in a healthy state and establish an early bond.

The Village Vet also offers an assortment of Educational Programs to help improve the relationship between you and your pet: Parasite Protection, Puppy/Kitten Behavioral, Nutritional Counseling, Dental Care, Senior Pet Care.


Throughout your pet's life, he/she will undoubtedly experience a few health problems. Some will be easy to identify (sprains, bites, cuts). Some will not be easy to identify (internal) and may only initially manifest themselves in your animal's behavior.

At the Village Vet the doctors and qualified support staff work together to obtain relevant pet history and a careful physical exam. In most cases a diagnosis will be reached quickly and action recommended.

In more difficult cases additional tests like blood-work, urine and stool analysis. X-rays and ultra-sound imaging may be necessary. Village Vet has full radiographic capability, including standard X-ray and contrast X-rays (such as barium and intravenous dyes to evaluate the kidney, bladder, and reproductive tract.) Ultrasound and cystoscopic evaluations are also available.

The Village Vet can also provide in-hospital treatment for pets that are significantly ill and require a greater level of care than can be provided in your home.

Laboratory-In/Out Sourced

The hospital has an in house lab that includes blood count, serum chemistry, electrolyte and fecal analysis (for intestinal parasite/fungus evaluation) and microscopy for evaluation of skin and ear canal cytology, peripheral blood evaluation and tumor cytology. Additional tests may be out-sourced to Antech Diagnostic Laboratories, with most results available within 24 hours.


The Village Vet is state-of-the-art and fully equipped. Local ambulatory surgical specialists are used for some orthopedic procedures, and in other cases, if it is in the best interest of your pet, we will refer you to a more qualified out-side specialist.

Additionally, we were the first animal hospital in the area to offer laser surgery, which results in less postoperative pain and swelling and faster recovery. Laser surgery is also a less painful alternative to traditional de-clawing for (cats).

Cancer Therapy

If cancer is diagnosed, The Village Vet is equipped to provide surgical therapy for tissue biopsy and tumor removal, and chemotherapy, which can significantly enhance and prolong your animal's life.


We're fully equipped for most dental procedures (except endodontics) and provide routine ultrasonic scaling and dental polishing. We now offer non-anesthetic dental procedures, using light sedation to facilitate hand instrument scaling of the teeth - this allows for removal of mild dental tarter accumulation without the expense and risk of general anesthesia in patients that have no special medical needs.

Pharmacy Support Services

In-Hospital Pharmacy

Our in-hospital pharmacy maintains inventory of most veterinary pharmaceuticals that are needed for pet care. We also have a compounding formula pharmacy (FlavorRX) that allows us to custom prepare any medication in tablet or capsule, and in liquid preparations with pet friendly flavors (such as chicken, liver, tuna, fish)

Off-site Pharmacies

For less frequently used pharmaceuticals that are not commonly kept in supply in our hospital we recommend Vet Centric, a veterinary pharmaceutical provider that will deliver prescriptions directly to your home.

Professional Arts Compounding Service also assists us in the preparation of human pharmaceutical products in a strength and form that is acceptable to pets that may be difficult to medicate. Additionally, PACS can produce pharmaceuticals in a transdermal gel form that can be applied to the inner, non-haired surface of the earflap.

Dietary Products

We provide an array of the prescription diets typically used to treat various medical problems, like diabetes, kidney or liver disease, allergies and gastrointestinal conditions. If your preferred brand/formula is not in stock, it can be ordered within a week's time.

Other Services

Kennel / Boarding Services
The Village Vet also provides veterinarian-supervised boarding services that are tailored to your pet's specific needs. Pets are walked 3 or more times daily and our facility is equipped with limited indoor runs (no outdoor runs available). You'll find our kennels are well suited for weekend getaways, pets with health problems that need special attention, or simple day care for pets who would normally be at home alone.


Adult And Geriatric Care And Counseling

Behavioral Counseling