Complete Care. Complete Confidence

When you've been in the vet business as long as we have, you develop a unique understanding of the many different things that pets and their people need throughout their lives together. At the Village Vet (Animal Medical Center), we've taken our 280 years* of experience and understanding and created what we believe is the area's most complete, caring and trusted veterinary practice.

*Cat or Dog Years

Mission Statement

Our goal at The Village Vet is to provide compassionate care to pets and their owners, and to ensure that each of our patients is provided with the highest quality of life possible. In reaching that goal we strive to take time to educate each of our clients, understanding that education is essential to preservation of pet health and the successful treatment of a pet’s illness.

*Our web site is currently being renovated. Our goal is to provide you, our clients, with an interactive source of information. Your perspective and comments are always appreciated and you can write us at anytime at any of the e-mail addresses on the contact us page.